Management Committee Image

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees all operational aspects of the organization, providing counsel and vetting items before they are shared with the Board Members for final decision making.

Manoj Raghunandanan
Global Head, Self Care & Consumer Experience at Kenvue
Finance Committee Image

Finance Committee and Personnel Committee

The Finance Committee assists the Board with the organization's accounting, financial reporting, and financial compliance practices.


The Personnel Committee oversees all aspects of human resource management for the federation, in compliance with local labor law.

Judy Stenmark
Director General
Regulatory Affairs Working Groups Image

Regulatory Affairs Working Group

The Regulatory  Affairs Working Group is focused on critical scientific and regulatory topics related to consumer health and responsible self-medication to help drive wider regulatory development and implementation.  Membership includes executives and senior staff holding regulatory positions within industry and national associations.

Public Affairs & Policy Working Group Image

Public Affairs & Policy Working Group

The Policy and Public Affairs Working Group brings together members of policy and public affairs teams from across the membership base. The group focuses on all public affairs and policy related issues, engaging with key stakeholders and decision-makers, aiming for a favourable political, legal, social and economic environment for the consumer health industry.

Communication Committee Image

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee provides strategic input and counsel pertaining to all communication-related issues relevant to the organization. Members include an array of global communications experts across industry and associations within the field of consumer health.