Self-Care Readiness Index

After a remarkable first edition of Self-Care Readiness Index (SCRI) in 2021, GSCF is proud to announce the launch of the SCRI 2.0, on the occasion of its World Congress 2022. On the 19th of October, the launch event in Cape Town will present key findings from the data gathered in the 10 countries analyzed in this new cycle of research. With this, GSCF looks to provide additional policy tools to assist regulators and policymakers in evaluating and identifying concrete solutions to improving their respective self-care systems.


Stay tuned for the publication of the SCRI 2.0 on GSCF’s website and Twitter!

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The index breaks down self-care into four critical enablers, ranks each of them from 1 to 4, with 4 being the most resilient self-care system. 


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The study was conducted across a global cross-section of countries, encompassing a wide variety of self-care health systems. The report concludes with three emerging themes characterizing the global state of self-care: 

  1. Self-care is culturally relative and defined in a different number of ways
  2. Individual empowerment hinges on continued efforts to boost health literacy, having credible, consistent sources of information about self-care, and aligned healthcare providers
  3. Self-care legislation is common, but disjointed; numerous government strategies, plans and programs touch on self-care, but few call it by name or paint a coherent healthcare policy vision

Therefore, the Self-Care Readiness Index is not only a tool for policymakers and regulators, but in the promotion of self-care literacy, a platform for dialogue with consumers inhabiting diverse cultural contexts. For more information on the report, click here.