78th UNGA: The Time for a WHO Resolution on Self-Care is Now

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The Time for a WHO Resolution on Self-Care is Now

New York, United States, 22 September 2023The Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF) calls for the recognition of self-care to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC), through the adoption of a WHO Resolution on Self-Care by 2025. This follows the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC during the 78th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), where global health leaders adopted a political declaration on UHC, committing to scale up efforts by building on existing initiatives such as UHC2030 and the Action Agenda.

WHO resolutions are important political documents as they upgrade the mandate of WHO, activate different levels of the organization, and also activate Member States to commit to action. A WHO resolution on self-care would provide a framework for self-care’s integration into national health systems, promote awareness and political commitment, and mobilize resources for evidence-based interventions.  

Self-care offers individuals a convenient and reliable way to take care of their own health. It is crucial to improve individuals access to clinically effective, safe and reliable non-prescription medicines.

“It’s high time for self-care to be included as a meaningful component of health systems around the world. Self-care offers a promising path forward for achieving UHC and ensuring health and well-being for all. It’s within our collective power to unleash the benefits of self-care enabled health systems, and that is why we are here,” said Judy Stenmark, Director-General at GSCF, speaking at a United for Self-Care Coalition event on the side lines of UNGA. 

The Global Self-Care Federation is a founding member of the United for Self-Care Coalition.

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About The Global Self-Care Federation

The Global Self-Care Federation exists to create a healthier world through better self-care. We represent associations and manufacturers in the self-care industry, working closely with our members and relevant stakeholder groups to ensure evidence-based self-care products and solutions are recognized as key contributors to health for individuals and systems worldwide. Our work ensures key policy and decisionmakers embrace self-care, recognize its values and use its broad range of benefits as the building blocks to deliver better and more sustainable health outcomes for all. We represent the self-care and self-medication industry and endeavor to contribute to the World Health Organization’s public health goals through our specialized expertise. GSCF is a non-State actor in official relations with WHO. For more information, please visit: www.selfcarefederation.org

About the United for Self-Care Coalition

Formed in 2021, the United for Self-Care Coalition is a global group of like-minded organisations unified by one common goal: to achieve Universal Health Coverage through codifying the recognition of the value of self-care within the WHO system. The Coalition works collaboratively to raise awareness of the importance of self-care, promotes evidence-based interventions, and advocates for policies and strategies that support the integration of self-care as a core component of people-centred care and primary health care (PHC). For more information, please visit: www.unitedforselfcare.org 

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May Uwe, Bauer Cosima, Schneider-Ziebe Anissa, Giulini-Limbach Chiaram, Self-care with non-prescription medicines to improve health care access and quality of life in low- and middle-income countries: Systematic review and methodological approach, Frontiers in Public Health, Volume 11, 2023, https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpubh.2023.1220984