International Self-Care Day

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Self-care is an essential ingredient to a healthy life outcome, and is best practiced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The 24th of July 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of International Self-Care Day, a milestone, and an opportunity to raise further awareness of the benefits of effective self-management of health.

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This year's theme for International Self-Care Day was "#Selfcarepromise". The initiative asked members of the public to pledge to make one self-care promise to themselves. So far, a total of 918 health commitments were written in from all over the world. They can be viewed here.

International Self-Care Day 2021 will lead into the launch of the Self-Care Readiness Index on the 22nd of September. The report ranks self-care in 10 countries, across four enablers: Stakeholder Support & Adoption, Consumer & Patient Empowerment, Self-Care Health Policy and Regulatory Environment. The index was developed by GSCF in cooperation with the WHO.


On International Self-Care Day, GSCF Chairman calls on others to take the first step in their self-care journey

Self-care has become ever more important with consumers increasingly taking control of their own health during the pandemic. Heiko Schipper, GSCF Chairman, pledges to make self-care access more widespread in the world, and invites others to make their own self-care promise. A major step in promoting self-care is the launch of the Self-Care Readiness Index, which ranks countries according to their self-care infrastructure.


Let's act on self-care, together

Judy Stenmark, Director General of the GSCF, shares her self-care promise and calls on others to join her in committing to a pledge for a healthier tomorrow.