International Self-Care Day

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July 24th marks International Self-Care Day, an annual opportunity to put a spotlight on self-care and the benefit effective self-care can bring to both individuals and healthcare systems as a vital foundation of health. International Self-Care Day was initiated back in 2011 and takes place every year on 24th July demonstrating the importance of self-care to be employed 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week (24/7). Each year, we will build awareness, drive engagement to inspire action with activities that complements our approach towards the future of self-care.

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In 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) introduced Self-Care Month prior to the launch of Self-Care Interventions for Health: Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights. Self-care interventions offer a solution to support the achievement of all three of WHO’s triple billion goals: to improve universal health coverage, reach people in humanitarian situations, and improve health and well-being. The guidelines provide a framework for selfcare interventions, recommendations, good practice statements and implementation considerations for policymakers, programme managers, donors, and researchers.

Here is an overview of the different campaigns spanning over the past 3 years:  

2020: The campaign highlighted how perceptions of trust in the self-care industry differs by region. It expanded on how COVID-19 and health data are contributed to increase trust around self-care.


On International Self-Care Day GSCF Chairman puts the spotlight on self-care as a key component of global health systems

Self-care has become ever more important with consumers increasingly taking control of their own health during the pandemic. Alan Main, GSCF Chairman, discusses the benefits of self-care as a key component of global health systems on International Self-Care Day.


How have trust trends changed in self care?

Manoj Raghunandanan, Global President Self Care & Office of Marketing Value, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, shares how fostering trust empowers people to make the best choices for their personal health.


Consumer perception on self care

Judy Stenmark, Director General of The Global Self-Care Federation discusses consumer perceptions of self-care and the importance of building trust.


2019: This campaign highlighted the benefits of self-care in relation to saving costs for individuals and healthcare systems, empowering individuals to be better self-managers of their health and improving global health outcomes.