WSMI Becomes The Global Self-Care Federation To Reflect New Leading Role

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GENEVA, 6 June 2019: As of today, the World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI) will be known as the Global Self-Care Federation. The change of name reflects a fundamental shift in WSMI’s approach, re-positioning it as a more outward-looking organization, with a more active role in shaping the future of self-care.

“The pace of change in the self-care industry is unprecedented,” says Alan Main, Chairman of the Global Self-Care Federation and Executive Vice President, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare. “If we are to harness the power of the consumer in improving health outcomes around the world, our industry needs an organization that is forward-looking and positioned to shape the global health agenda.”

The Global Self-Care Federation recently completed a strategic review of the Future of Self Care that culminated in the creation of a bold, new agenda for the association.  Among the key trends expected to cement the importance of Self-Care as a pillar of sustainable health systems includes:

  • an aging global population with a greater need for better chronic disease management

  • a rapidly evolving consumer journey changing the way individuals interact with healthcare providers and the health system

  • an omnichannel world where people want convenient, transparent and affordable options at their fingertips

  • an explosion in data-driven solutions creating demand for holistic, personalized solutions across every aspect of people’s lives

“Underpinning our new organizational strategy is a global narrative promoting three fundamental benefits of self-care: better choice, better care, better value,” added Judy Stenmark, Director General, the Global Self-Care Federation.

“This new approach will help position the industry as a trusted partner in delivering solutions that bring greater consumer empowerment, and creating networks for improved health data sharing and opportunities.”