Heiko Schipper Elected Chair of the Global Self-Care Federation

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21st October 2020 – Heiko Schipper, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and President of the company’s Consumer Health division, was unanimously elected as the new Chair of the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF) at today’s virtual board meeting.

Heiko succeeds Alan Main, former Executive Vice President, Head of Consumer Healthcare at Sanofi, who hands over the Chair after his 18 month-term.

In his time as Chair, Alan Main oversaw the implementation of a new strategy for the Federation built on the key strategic pillars of trust, sustainability and health data. To reflect the industry’s more outward looking focus and holistic approach to self-care it was officially rebranded from the World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI) to the GSCF on the 5th June 2019. “We’ve redefined our strategy as an organization and become much more proactive and transparent in our dialogue with key stakeholders in the healthcare environment,” said Alan Main.

“This year has driven widespread recognition of the unique value of self-care for society. We now need to translate this recognition into policies that promote investment, innovation and growth in our industry,” shared Heiko Schipper.

This reflects GSCF’s continued work in championing the role of self-care in achieving universal health coverage and sustainable health systems, in addition to efforts to coordinate an industry wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Federation has entered its 50th anniversary at a very interesting time, and it’s clear self-care has a vital role to play moving forward. I am delighted to see a leader like Heiko Schipper pick up the baton and support our organization’s delivery of positive impacts to the industry as well as individuals on their own healthcare journeys.” concluded Judy Stenmark, Director General of the GSCF. 

Heiko Schipper is a member of the Bayer AG Board of Management and President of the Consumer Health division of Bayer, having been appointed to his current position in March 2018. Originally from the Netherlands, he has more than 25 years of experience leading health and nutrition businesses. Before his current role at Bayer, he worked at Nestlé S.A., where he was CEO of Nestlé Nutrition.  


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About GSCF

The Global Self-Care Federation exists to create a healthier world through better self-care. We represent associations and manufacturers in the self-care industry, working closely with our members and relevant stakeholder groups to ensure evidence-based self-care products and solutions are recognized as key contributors to health for individuals and systems worldwide. Our work ensures key policy and decision-makers embrace self-care, recognize its values and use its broad range of benefits as the building blocks to deliver better and more sustainable health outcomes for all.

We represent the self-care and self-medication industry and endeavour to contribute to WHO’s Public Health goals through our specialized expertise. GSCF is a non-State actor in official relations with World Health Organization. www.selfcarefederation.org/ +41 (22) 362 5384