Statement from DG, Judy Stenmark on International Self-Care Day

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International Self-Care Day is a good time to reflect on the status of the self-care industry – both where we are now and where we want to be. Efforts have been rallied around this amazing day, but the reality is that self-care is transforming people’s lives every hour of every day.

Self-care continues to change the healthcare landscape by giving populations better access to a broader range of treatment options and breaking the mould of the traditional provider-to-receiver healthcare model. Many health issues can already be treated effectively through self-care and that number will only get bigger as the self-care industry expands. 

The Global Self-Care Federation supports all member organizations in their aims to grow self-care around the world to accelerate universal health coverage for all and make a positive impact in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable populations

- Judy Stenmark, Director General of the Global Self-Care Federation